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Let’s face it. Contractors live on an island.

Your family doesn’t understand.

Your friends don’t get it.

Your customers don’t want to hear about it.

And your employees certainly aren’t meant to bear your cross.

So where do you turn for support?

BATTLEGROUND is a community and coaching specifically for you. Created by contractors for contractors.

Supporting you at every step.

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“Tom’s 1-1 coaching program has transformed by 11yr old painting business. His practical, implementable advice filled in the holes and the results are undeniable. Sales are up $295k over last year as of July 1, a 54% improvement.
Prices are up, Gross Profit is up, the business is finally running as it should after just 6 months of working with Tom.
My only regret is not taking the leap earlier.

Dan Sherwood “Sherwood Painting Services”

“ I am here to tell you that it has been well worth the money put in! Of the 6 ponds we’ve contracted this year so far, we’ve made almost 40% more than we would have last year, before learning from the Contractor Sales Academy. PLUS, our annual spring clean-outs were raised in price and we made over $10,000 MORE, doing LESS ponds…we’re getting paid more for doing the same work by simply changing our pricing. So, for me, that investment to have a couple of business/life coaches helping me provide for my family and business, was well worth it and I will continue to learn from them and improve my business model. ”

Chris Sturdyvin “Chris’ Water Gardens”

“Our biggest concern when hiring you was simply the additional expense and wondering if I will get the value from you that I am paying for. WE DID and ARE!! Well worth the investment and its only been a few phone calls. You have been able to ‘nurturingly’ assert your foot in our arse to get us looking at things we were otherwise overlooking. The lightbulb has been turned on.” “I would say, don’t buy another thing for your business. Get on board with the coaching and create the plan on how your business is going to function. You’ll run better as a team.”

Adrian Kapp “C.E. Pontz & Sons Landscape Contractors”

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