Your Work Will Position You

There are a couple restaurants I happily pay more money to eat at.

One of them is Bien Trucha in Geneva, IL. The owner, Ricardo Garcia-Rubio has got it going on with amazing food and a great environment.

The food was so good that upon my first visit there last summer I tweeted
that I was having a “guacamole orgasm.”

We are compared daily to our competitors. If you have a taco somewhere you compare it to the taco you had elsewhere.

If you have your car washed you will compare it to the last place that washed it.

Positioning Your Business

There’s much to read online about what positioning is and how to go about positioning your business. You can do a search and find a bunch of stuff to read, but today I want to cut to the chase about how this applies to you and me, the small business owners.

You are positioning yourself right now. Every client that has an experience with you or a member of your team is moving you up or down the ‘comparison scale.’ They are judging the food, the paint job or the way you helped them through the loan process. You are constantly being evaluated.

If the service was slow…you move down the scale.

If the new door you installed allows the cold draft in…you move down the scale.

Wash my car and pull it out to me spotless in 15 minutes, while handing me a hot cup of coffee…you move up.

Your Work Will Position You

I ran a painting company for years and we were more expensive than our competitors. We consistently sold our work at prices 50-100% higher than the other guys. We also grew the business during the recession. When others were closing their doors, we were moving forward.

The #1 reason we did that was that our work was awesome. Our people were winners. We made the experience memorable in positive ways. Simply put: We were better. And better is worth more.

Because our paint lines were straighter we positioned ourselves as better painters.

Because we left the job meticulously clean we positioned ourselves as a company that respected its clients.

Because the experience from start to finish was kick-butt we got more referrals and more repeat business.

These things, among others made the case for why we cost more money. And, our ideal clients gladly paid our prices.

Whether you’re selling tacos, paint jobs or websites make sure the work and service is awesome.

When it is, you will be positioned at the top of the ‘comparison scale.’
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