Will you make the needed adjustments to grow your business?


If you visit a chiropractor you are familiar with the word. If not, here’s a simple definition:

a slight misalignment of the vertebrae, regarded in chiropractic theory as the cause of many health problems.

This misalignement in the spine can cause a bunch of other issues in the body. As of this writing, I am dealing with a nerve issue in my arm that is the result of subluxation. Since our move to Colorado I have not seen my chiropractor and this has led to some issues. My body has been sending me messages that I was due for an adjustment but I’ve made excuses to not get in and get help.

I am a chiropractic guy who believes in it. When I get my regular adjustments I move better and feel better. In fact, because of my adjustments I rarely even get sick.

A Sick Business

Too many contractors run sick companies. A business gets sick because owners ignore the messages the business sends out. These messages look a little like the following:

  • Inconsistent lead flow
  • Wearing yourself out chasing sales
  • A consistently maxed out credit card or line of credit at the bank
  • Low gross profit
  • Lack of referral business
  • And more

Grow Your Business

How do you define a healthy business? To start look at the list above and then add some of your own criteria. What changes or adjustments need to be made?

I have found that if I blow off chiropractic for a period of time (like the last 2 months) that it takes a lot of effort to get aligned again. Sometimes it takes several weeks. Then, I get into the maintenance groove so I remain healthy.

When trying to grow your business into a healthy one you will probably have that initial tough several weeks or even months. Change is hard. When things have been out of whack for so long it’s going to take you being massively committed to getting better.

With ongoing adjustments in your business you’ll maintain a healthier company that avoids debilitating pain that sidelines you.

Don’t ignore the messages your business is sending you.


Tip: Here’s are the 2 most important words you need to know to set you on the path to a healthy business.