My Top 3 Business Blunders of 2014


It’s that time of year when of us are taking stock of how we did in 2014.

How were sales?

Did we make any money?

What went well? And, what do I hope to never repeat?

Before I dig into my top business blunders I want to offer a bit of advice as you plan for 2015.

Ask two questions:

  1. What went really well?
  2. How can I optimize or improve on what went really well?

For example, if your sales closing rate was solid at 45%, celebrate that. But, then clean up your process and bump it to a 50%. Maybe your website is producing some good leads for you. Invest in a designer or content expert and get it performing a little better.

Spend time improving the things that are strong and less time on the weaknesses. You’ll generally get better results.

My Top 3 Business Blunders of 2014


1. Too loose of a content creation schedule

I preach content daily to my readers and clients. Content marketing..blogs, video, etc…are the best way to build your authority as an expert in your field. Year after year I get hired because someone read or watched something I produced. Content marketing has made me really good money.

So, I say “I need to create more.”

In all reality, my job is to write, talk and teach. There’s no excuse for me not creating 3-4 hours each day.

“I need to create more” is a lame attempt because it doesn’t hold me accountable to what needs to be done.

If I coached me I would ask…

“How many written blogs will you do each month?”

“How many videos will you record?”

“When will they get done? What will you write about?”

I do that with my clients, but not myself.

This lack of holding myself accountable to a content plan has slowed my world domination plan. If I’m going to wage war on mediocrity I need to get my tail in gear with my own plan.

The Fix:

Put my plan on paper and the implementation of it on my calendar. Treat those appointments with myself as sacred and do my job. No excuses.

2. Too much time on technical stuff

I work with some amazing designers and SEO peeps like Jackson Price & Brandon Boyd. Yet, like a dumbass I fart around with the technical crap in my business too much. I do this mainly because I don’t plan what I want done far enough in advance. These guys are the bees knees and I’m stupid for not involving them more in my plans.

Then, I’m in a hurry and do it myself. When this happens it takes longer, takes me away from other things I could be doing and isn’t as good.

The Fix: Follow my plan. Get my team on board and give them enough notice and then get out of the way. Sounds simple but I’m a control freak. Pray for me.

3. I didn’t start my podcast

Several months ago I said “Coming Soon…The Strongpreneuer Podcast.” A weekly interview with leaders who are building strong lives and businesses. People who take risks. People who smack mediocrity in the face.

Sounds like a cool show, huh?

I didn’t start it yet. In addition to helping a ton more people than I do now it will help me grow my own brand and my business.

The Fix: Create a production plan, get all the technical crap done and ready. Book guests. Interview them. Change the world.

The good news on this one is that I have already started the process. I just engaged the services of a funky technical producer podcast guru dude named Travis Brown. He’s my ‘get it done guy.’

I have already booked my first 6 guests and need about 46 more. We start recording in January. If you know anyone who would be a good fit for this podcast please let me know.

My Biggest Victory of 2014

I had some blunders, but I’ll get those fixed. I also had some great things happen.

Clients got back some of their time and made more money. They went toe to toe with fears and are taking bigger risks. I am so proud of the people who trust me enough to coach them. It means the world to me to see them succeed.

But, my biggest victory is all about me. (Of course it is Mr. Ego). It’s about me because I finally found my voice. I found my language. I know how to pull the pieces together and communicate the MOTOR message.

This was a long road. If you’ve been coming to this site since the beginning you have probably noticed many changes in appearance and messages.

If you don’t feel confident in how you project your brand..your story to the world you will not reach your potential. That was me for the first couple years.

Finding the voice of MOTOR is the #1 win of the year for me. I’ve never been more confident and sure of where it’s going. I am excited to attack the future and help many more people.

I owe so much to the people who have helped me get here over the past few years, but especially my wife Chris. It hasn’t been easy. It’s been highly stressful at times. But, it’s right. What we’re doing matters and we’re just getting started. Thank you Curly Girl.

Thank you for hanging around the MOTORhood. Thanks for your encouraging words and your honest feedback when something sucks. I wish the best for you, your families and your businesses in the new year.


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