Tips & Marketing Ideas to Grow Your Contracting Business

I’ve been helping contractors increase leads & sales for several years. Today, I’m going to share some of my top marketing ideas with you. If you want more free tips to help you build your contracting business delivered to you monthly, click here.

Marketing Idea #1: Develop your marketing strategy first

Too many contractors ignore marketing until the phone goes quiet for a while. Then, they say “We need to do some advertising.” Some lucky advertising salesperson happens to call them on the right day and they get the order.

Unfortunately, almost all of these knee-jerk marketing tactics end up leaving the contractor with less money and not many more leads.

To develop your marketing strategy you’ll need to set a goal first.

Goal: Increase sales in HappyTown, USA by 20% in 2015

That is a clear and measurable goal. You can easily say “Yes, we did that,” or “No, we didn’t.”

Your strategy is an idea of how you can achieve that goal. A good way to create your strategy is to start with the question “what if?”

“What if we found a small service to sell people to get in the door?”

“What if we provided free ice cream in the neighborhood every Sunday in the summer?”

“What if we…”

Once you settle on a strategy or two you can begin to talk about specific tactics like door knocking, blogging, renting the ice cream truck, etc.

Bottom line…don’t spend any time or money on tactics that don’t support your strategy.

Marketing Idea #2 : Get involved in your local community.

I am blown away by the number of contractors who work in a local area that refuse to get involved in groups and organizations in that local area.

This marketing tip is quick and simple: Join something. Give something.

Join a networking group, Rotary Club or a non-profit and be a giver. People will get to know and like you. Then, they’ll trust you.

Marketing Idea #3 : Blow up you crappy website

What do you want someone to do once they land on your site? Is it clear within 1 second? If not, you need a website redesign.

But, wait! Before you fork out 3k, 5k or 10k for that new website make sure you nail down these things first:

  • Who is your ideal client? What is their pain?
  • What do you want them to do? Fill out a form? Call you? Join your email list?
  • Walk through the navigation with a marketing expert. Keep it simple. Less is probably more.

Your website should be the central hub of all things marketing in your contracting business. It’s a tool. Don’t go on the cheap when you invest in tools.

Marketing Idea #4 : Create content every week

Your website should not just sit there after it’s created. Write blogs, shoot videos and tell your story. Allow people to get to know you and your approach to things.

Here are a couple quick reads that cover this more in depth:

Marketing Idea #5 : Build your email list and stay in touch

I spoke to a large group of contractor a few weeks ago and less that 10% of them are building a database and keeping the relationship warm.

Your past clients are a goldmine. Continue to add value to them long after the job is done. For example, if you just painted the interior of their home consider sending things like:

  • How to keep you walls looking great long after the painters are done
  • How to remove wallpaper
  • 3 tricks to help you touch up your walls

Don’t make them about you. Make the emails about them and they will appreciate them. In the long run you will get more repeat work and referrals.

Marketing Idea #6 : Market consistently

Marketing your contracting business takes focus year-round. You will not enjoy consistent lead flow without weekly focus. Everything your company does and doesn’t do it marketing.

Get your team on the same page as you and tackle it together. Plant seeds every day and eventually they will grow into opportunities.

Marketing Idea # 7 : Measure and track your lead sources

Where do your leads come from? Are you spending too much money on a 3rd party lead generation tactic? Should you spend more money on Facebook Ads or dump it all together?

There are many tools available to help you track your leads and sales. Find one and use it. I like BASE CRM.

Tracking your sources and ROI will help you make better decisions in the future.

I hope you found these marketing ideas helpful. If you’d like to get more help to grow your contracting business please sign up for my next free online training.

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