Tim Cutroni

Fight Coach


Career Experience – Tim began his career in 1984, in the automotive service industry, and retired in 2021. Over the years, the positions he held included platinum technician, service writer, and service manager.

In 2012, he started working part-time building ponds and water features with his son. In 2015, he joined the Contractor Sales Academy where he learned how to sell and what to charge. Since retiring from automotive repair, he is 100% responsible for the sales and management of his pond business.

“If I had a magic pill that would give you all you needed to be good at something, I would give it to you. But I don’t … so, you’ll need to practice!”

His Struggles – Tim is a recovering alcoholic who grew up in a lower-middle class family where money and love were never discussed. His father was a gambler, causing Tim to think that a pocket full of cash and a nice car indicated success.

As a kid, Tim would avoid people because his low self-esteem made him think they didn’t like him or thought he was stupid. He spent much of his childhood isolating and acting out. He wasn’t good at sports, didn’t do well in school, and always thought there was something wrong with him.

What Qualifies Tim to be a Coach? – As a master salesman, Tim understands what a salesperson should and shouldn’t be. He also knows how to turn a business around. After all, his pond company was bleeding money for years before he took responsibility for its failure. Since then, he’s created a business he and his son are proud of.

As a coach, Tim empathizes with others’ struggles, no matter where they are in their business. Throughout his life, he’s proven time and time again he’s capable of helping people become better spouses, parents, children, and business owners.

Personal Life – Tim is from Massachusetts and has been married for over 35 years. He has two beautiful daughters and an army combat veteran for a son – his children are kids that any father would be honored to have. They have blessed him with ten grandbabies.

One of Tim’s favorite things to do is go on walks with his grandchildren. They can often be found tossing rocks into a nearby stream and whispering wishes to the stones, mostly that they were mermaids.

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