There’s a Time for Everything…Especially Saving Humanity

I rarely weigh in on matters of politics. But, feel the need to on this matter. This is in response to the US State Department Spokeswoman, Marie Harf on Hardball with Chris Matthews, saying we can stop groups like ISIS by creating jobs and changing their minds through Social Media and other types of programs. You can see the interview here. (the link was working, but now it’s hard to find the actual Hardball interview…it may not be there anymore…just google it)

Tom with Kuwait Flag
The Kuwaiti Flag, given to me by a little girl about 6 years old when we kicked evil out her city. Signed by my brothers. I’d say taking action mattered to that little girl.

I have been around the globe as a Marine. I have adopted all 3 of my kids…2 internationally. I say that to strongly make the point that I believe in respecting all of humanity, regardless of skin color or religious faith, etc…I am not a crazy extremist who believes my side is right no matter what. I believe there is a balance to be sought after. I am not an active person in any political arena, but I can certainly call it when I see it…and, what I see is evil. It doesn’t matter whose name these cowards do this is evil.

I want to remind us all that ‘there is a time for everything under the sun.’ When groups like ISIS disrespect life and attempt to instill fear among the masses by savagely murdering countless numbers of people…it’s time to step on their throats.

Every human being on earth should feel safe from terrorism. Every kid should enjoy a carefree childhood, instead of fearing for their lives or the lives of their families. Nobody should ever witness the things far too many people have witnessed. Every one should feel free to worship any way they choose with the one condition being that they respect other humans.

This State Department Spokesperson wants to talk about stopping groups like ISIS by giving people other options like starting a business…instead of joining terror groups. I can understand a tiny bit of that logic, but only if we’re talking about dealing with rational people that are not hell bent on removing us from the earth.

The enemy we (humanity) faces is not open to negotiation. They will not be swayed by an after school program because so far, they are more committed to their cause than we (all of the world) have been to our responsibility to protect the innocent.

If Spokesperson Girl wants to talk ‘business’…we can do that too…every successful marketing strategy begins with knowing who you are, who your ideal client is and how to speak their language in order to connect with them. Do those things and your business wins.

The language of these wicked cowards is terror. It’s violence. It’s what they understand at this point in the game.

It’s time to speak a language they will understand. I call for all the humane and just leaders in the world to step up and be more committed to protecting humanity than these groups are to destroying it.

Mr. Barack Obama​, I don’t need to believe what you believe about the economy, religion or entitlement programs. I did not vote for you. But, none of that matters. As a Marine I follow the orders of the office you hold. You want a unified world? Then, unify all the nations by going first and calling all governments to unleash hell on these cowards. No more PC crap. No more worrying about whose panties we’re going to ruffle by taking a stand. It does not matter what religious affiliation they claim to have or not have, the point is that this is unacceptable and I am disappointed that an American President will not call it what it is and step up.

The world will follow when we lead toward a noble cause. To me and my military family, there is no more noble of a cause than saving humanity from evil and wicked people.

This is not an American issue. This is a world issue. The world needs a leader to step forward first and unify. Who will it be?

Step Up. Be Strong. Respect Life.


Tom Reber​