The Best Marketing Strategy You Can Have

I work with photographers, chiropractors, painting contractors, auto repair shops, truck repair shops, gyms, landscapers, realtors, plumbers, remodelers, web designers and they are all looking for the best marketing strategy to grow their business.

I like to think that my advice has helped many people over the years. But, if I’m honest there is really one commonality I see among the clients of mine who are kicking butt:

The Work

Their work is outstanding.

The lighting in the picture is perfect.

The painter cut in a razor sharp line.

The plumber didn’t show crack…nor did he leave a mess.

The car was fixed and the problem never came back.

The website design tells the perfect story.

The gym owners know their stuff and know each client and their needs.

When I look at the most successful clients I see a pattern of kick-ass work.

Fix Your Work First

If your business is spinning its tires, take a look at what you’re producing. You don’t need to be perfect, but it wouldn’t hurt. Stop looking for the next great marketing idea and just focus on being amazing. The best marketing strategy is simply kick butt work.

It’s been said that great marketing will just help your bad product fail faster.

The Challenge

This week look at your work. Examine everything…the way the phone is answered, how your website works and how your people dress. If you cut grass it should look like a Marine Corp flat top. If you paint, your lines should look like the edge of a razor. If you shoot pictures you better deliver only perfect shots.

Once you’ve examined your work fix the stuff that’s mediocre. Do not tolerate it. Expect perfection and chase greatness.

There’s too much ugly in the world. Too many sub-par products and services.

The UNCOMMON business owner hates mediocre.

Will you work unafraid and expect more from yourself?

Fix your work. Mediocrity dies today.