TCF926: The Customer Journey

Are you providing a journey customers love? Or are you just another average company that most customers love to hate? Steve discusses his formula of success that has made him millions of dollars – the customer journey. He discusses the importance of focusing on providing a positive customer experience during the entire customer journey from start to finish. He shares best practices for improving the customer experience at every step of the process.

In this episode, Steve discusses:

  • The importance of positive customer experience throughout the entire customer journey
  • Having a quality website that is easy to find and navigate
  • Promptly answering phone calls, timely responding to emails, and making the sales process easy for clients
  • Having polite, direct conversations with prospects and listening to them instead of rushing to sell
  • Having regular communication during the project timeline by providing status updates
  • Being transparent about the process and what clients can expect
  • Being on time and following through on promises
  • Tips for professional appearance and interactions during the work
  • Calling clients back – after a few days, a few weeks, and three months later – to ensure satisfaction and get feedback
  • Exceeding expectations through attention to detail, like thorough clean-up


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