TCF921:Tom’s Take on Trust, Change, and the Digital Consumer

If you struggle to increase your sales in the current economy, you have to change how you attract today’s digital consumers. In today’s episode, we revisit a talk given by “The Sales Lion” Marcus Sheridan at our 2022 Mile High Profit Summit. He describes a big shift taking place in the world of commerce and how contractors can adapt to this change and bring in more profit. 

Episode Highlights:

[00:00] – Intro
[01:20] – The moment clients decide to buy from you
[03:35] – The department with the greatest impact on the actual sale
[06:15] – How the 2008 recession affected his company
[08:40] – Why discomfort can help us innovate and grow
[11:55] – Why you need to have people in your life who will hold you accountable
[13:50] – Listening to your customers’ questions and addressing them strategically
[20:10] – Selling in a way that no one else in your space is doing
[25:40] – The Big 5 – the five areas you need to focus your content on
[32:45] – Why pricing articles do well right away
[37:55] – The most viewed page on your website after the home page
[40:55] – How addressing problems or concerns is actually helpful
[47:20] – The importance of creating videos and which ones you should be making
[52:55] – Benefits of a seller-free sales experience and how to implement one
[1:01:05] – Example of how to implement assignment selling with the customer
[1:05:35] – How assignment selling saves you time and makes you money

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