Are you ready to take your business to new heights? Then it’s time to JUMP into the Mile High Profit Summit happening in September 2024 in Denver! Bob Turner of Turner Builders knows firsthand the transformative power of this event.

Tom talks with Bob about why he keeps coming back to Mile High year after year. Despite not knowing a soul at his first summit, Bob was inspired by powerful talks from experts and discovered the community support and growth opportunities that have fueled his success ever since.

Bob shares how MHPS helped him find the courage to charge his worth and how returning each year allows him to improve further by learning from his tribe of like-minded business owners.

He encourages you to jump to MHPS and seize the opportunity to be around other warriors, learn from them, and make valuable relationships!

Episode Highlights:

[00:00] – Bob’s intro
[01:22] – Bob’s bio and background
[04:18] – Intentionally downsizing business
[05:14] – Finding fulfillment in your business
[06:48] – Bob’s experience at MHPS
[09:09] – What keeps Bob coming back to MHPS
[10:23] – Importance of a support network for contractors
[13:22] – Supportive and collaborative culture at MHPS
[14:19] – Bob’s aha moment from the summit
[16:14] – Being in the right room to hear valuable advice
[16:48] – Value of attending industry events and getting coaching
[18:30] – Transformational speakers at past summits
[21:53] – How attending the events helped Bob improve in many areas
[22:29] – Setting ego aside and knowing what you don’t know
[23:39] – Sitting with warriors
[24:02] – Bringing your spouse/family to the event
[25:00] – Closing remarks

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