TCF915: Top Ten MHPS Moments

As we gear up for the 2024 Mile High Profit Summit, Tom and Neil Kristianson (CEO of The Contractor Fight) walk down memory lane and revisit some of the most epic moments from Mile High Profit Summit’s past events.

They reminisce about unexpected successes, emotional highlights, and transformational speakers that have fueled the Summit’s reputation for networking, learning, and profit-boosting insights. They also give an inside look at what makes the Summit so unique, from backstage antics to heartfelt dinner conversations.

Plus, they give an exclusive sneak peek at what’s in store for the MHPS 2024. Tune in to find out which marketing guru is returning to share cutting-edge AI strategies and who will lead a can’t-miss sales workshop.

Episode Highlights:

[00:00] – Intro
[04:15] – What makes the Mile High Profit Summit unique
[06:52] – When attendees actually showed up in 2021
[10:46] – Ben transformed his business after the Summit
[12:49] – Marcus Sheridan’s impactful presentation in 2022 and his return in 2024
[15:35] – The secret hotel elevators
[18:30] – Steve receiving the Legacy Award in 2022
[22:44] – Sneak peek into the VIP workshops at the 2024 Summit
[23:44] – Dan Miller’s mind-bending talk on healthy living
[26:03] – After event dinner
[31:08] – Lindsey’s impactful talk on “Nail the Wife” in residential sales
[34:25] – Tipping bartenders
[38:52] – The final Mile High Profit Summit
[43:07] – Key speakers of the 2024 summit
[45:45] – Grab your tickets for MHPS 2024

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