TCF914: Are You Creating Your Own Financial Crash?

Worrying excessively or trying to control things beyond your control can negatively impact you mentally and financially. Chris “Yoda” Dwyer shares how he anticipated the 2012 economic crash and got caught up in worrying about it, which negatively impacted his finances and businesses. He talks about the importance of focusing on your personal growth and relationships to develop a strong mindset and asking for help from others in need. This will help you avoid the pitfall of creating your own crashes through worry and limiting beliefs.

Episode Highlights:

[00:00] – Intro
[01:17] – Never surrender your optimism
[05:54] – Don’t waste your energy on what you can’t control
[07:13] – Chris’s financial crash story
[11:10] – Downsizing his business
[15:14] – The power of relationships in business
[18:38] – Your most important relationship is with yourself
[20:41] – Tendency of contractors to pride themselves on hard work
[22:26] – Asking for help and overcoming ego
[23:34] – Trust is the currency of relationships
[27:17] – Importance of community support in entrepreneurship
[29:23] – The focus of Mile High Profit Summit
[30:02] – Chris’s upcoming keynote at Mile High Profit Summit
[32:43] – Your business is a reflection of you
[34:05] – Letting go of the idea of being an unbeatable champion
[38:00] – Focusing on personal development
[41:29] – Getting out of the way of your own natural potential
[43:11] – Why it’s important to be at the summit
[44:14] – Closing thoughts


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