TCF912: What it takes to be a Millionaire

Do you want to hit that million-dollar mark in your business? What do you think is the secret to becoming a millionaire? Is it working long hours, cutting-edge strategies, or something else? In this episode, Tim and Derek discuss the often-overlooked factors that lead to true business success. Tune in as they share what it really takes to become a millionaire and share powerful lessons on communication, leadership, and treating people well.

In this episode, they discuss:

  • The 3 simple steps to becoming a millionaire – communicate well, treat people well, aim for 50% gross profit
  • Importance of good communication skills to prevent misunderstandings and build strong relationships
  • The value of being personable and building relationships with employees
  • How Tim and Derek learned to be better leaders over time
  • Improving company culture and making employees feel appreciated


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