TCF908: $500k to $2.5 Million in ONE YEAR

Tom is joined by Battleground member Derek Prince to discuss his incredible business transformation. Derek shares how he grew his contracting business from $500k in revenue with a 26% gross profit to $2.5 million with a 44% gross profit in just 12 months. They talk about Derek’s approach to managing multiple ventures—his construction business, gym, and property management company—and the strategies he applied to his business.

Episode Highlights:

[00:00] – Intro
[01:11] – Derek’s background
[03:32] – Derek’s journey into contracting
[05:21] – Fitness routine of Derek and why staying healthy matters
[07:48] – Tom’s 75 Hard experience and finding what works for you
[10:45] – Tracking KPIs and macros
[12:26] – Derek’s construction company
[13:07] – Implementing the subcontractor model
[16:22] – How Derek found The Fight and why he joined
[18:55] – Transformation in business after applying The Fight’s teachings
[21:08] – What got him from $500k to $2.5 million
[23:19] – Importance of niching in business
[25:12] – Leveraging his project manager’s sales skills
[26:14] – Taking action instead of just consuming info
[28:14] – Derek’s pricing strategy
[32:22] – Business is all about adjustments and improvements
[34:13] – Handling issues the right way
[38:22] – Key takeaways from joining Battleground
[40:31] – How fitness and discipline impact business
[44:11] – Expansion and contraction phases of business
[48:29] – Best way to connect with Derek
[49:20] – What Derek’s average day looks like?
[52:55] – Closing thoughts


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