TCF907: Don’t Screw your Future Self

Have you ever put off an important task and then regretted it later? Or made a decision you wish you could take back? Tim and Derek discuss how the actions we take today directly impact our future success. They tell you not to screw over your future self by procrastinating or neglecting important tasks. Take action on your goals, so you have no regrets down the road. Your future success depends on it!

In this episode, they discuss:

  • The impact of today’s actions on your tomorrow’s outcome
  • Making decisions and taking action today – if you delay, things may not be not favorable for you
  • Important things contractors need to be doing in their sales process so that they don’t screw their future selves
  • Following up with clients — small actions like reminder calls or emails can make a big difference long term
  • Not delaying important tasks or your future self will be mad you missed out on opportunities


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