TCF899: You Will Pay Tuition No Matter What

Do you feel like you’re learning business the hard way? Taking punches you didn’t see coming? Well, as a business owner, you’re all students of business whether you like it or not. You are gonna pay tuition no matter what — either by taking punches through trial and error or by investing in coaching upfront. Tom is here to tell you that the smartest thing you can do is commit to coaching like any other important business expense, learn faster, and avoid costly mistakes.

Episode Highlights:

[00:00] – Story of a contractor who underbid a job
[00:39] – Tom’s early days in business
[01:21] – Being prepared in business
[02:09] – When Tom got into a fight unprepared
[04:38] – Going into battle unprepared leads to losses
[05:08] – You will pay tuition one way or another
[06:32] – Financial loss due to lack of preparation
[09:11] – Commit to coaching to dodge costly mistakes


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