TCF896: When is Enough ENOUGH?

In this episode, Tom talks some tough love to all the contractors dissatisfied with their business and life. He asks you to be honest with yourself about how long you will tolerate the same problems you keep facing year after year, and when will you do something about it? In other words, when will you finally say enough is enough? He wants you to stop going through the same cycle of discontent and shares the solution to help you conquer your discontentment and become a winner in your life and business.

Episode Highlights:

[00:00] – Discontent among contractors
[01:00] – Mile High Profit Summit info
[01:28] – Two options for dissatisfied people
[03:15] – Two types of dissatisfied contractors
[03:46] – Financially struggling dissatisfied contractors
[08:48] – Winning but still dissatisfied contractors
[11:10] – The solution to your discontent
[11:32] – Key characteristics of FWs
[11:36] – Truth-teller
[11:58] – Own their mistakes and shortcomings
[12:58] – Reject victimhood
[15:03] – Committed to growth
[17:49] – FWs are attractive and draw other winners to them
[20:41] – Work with patient urgency
[22:54] – Conquering your discontentment


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