TCF894: Build the Man and the Business Will Follow

Tom’s guest is Taniela Fiafia, an entrepreneur who started his concrete business and grew it to $2 million in revenue within 3 years, primarily through social media marketing. Taniela discusses his journey from almost going bankrupt with $500k in debt to turning his business around by learning from his mistakes and utilizing social media. He also shares simple tips to help you build your brand on social media and get leads.

Episode Highlights:

[00:00] – Intro
[02:13] – Taniela’s backstory of starting his concrete business
[06:20] – How he went from $500k in debt to profit
[09:09] – Tom’s story of a $28k job that cost him $45k
[10:22] – Doing $1 million in revenue in his first year
[11:27] – Struggles with alcohol
[17:17] – Advice for “someday” goal-setters
[18:34] – The power of polarization
[20:35] – Taniela’s social media strategy
[23:01] – Focusing on posting volume and polarizing content
[26:22] – Targeted advertising on social media
[29:08] – Positive replies to negative comments
[32:32] – Value of authenticity in resonating with the right audience
[34:08] – Quality vs. quantity in content creation
[37:06] – Strategy to get more engagement
[41:20] – Putting 4 videos a day
[42:45] – Some polarizing ideas
[44:06] – Keeping the content simple and volume game-oriented
[46:57] – Encouragement for contractors to post on social media
[48:06] – Challenge for the contractors
[52:27] – Details of Taniela’s coaching group
[54:33] – Success is an inside-out game
[1:01:58] – Connect with Taniela
[1:03:46] – Wrap-up


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