TCF891: Bringing Pride Back to the Craft

Tom sits down with Adam Sand of Roofing Business Partner, a consulting firm that provides contractors with the tools and training to reduce sales friction and increase customer satisfaction, to help them grow their business. Tom and Adam discuss family, entrepreneurship, pride and respect in the trades, optimizing your marketing and sales processes, among other things. Adam also provides a roadmap for contractors to analyze and scale their business from a consultant’s eye.

Episode Highlights:

[00:00] – Intro
[00:35] – Immigration challenges Adam faced
[05:14] – Parenthood and the role of parents in children’s lives
[05:59] – Tom’s experience doing a HGTV show
[07:41] – Motivation behind Adam’s vlog Building the SandCastle
[10:48] – Issues with HGTV
[13:08] – Tom’s intent with the HGTV show
[15:45] – Production costs and ROI in content creation
[16:30] – Contracting industry as forgotten sons
[16:45] – Scaling and shifting his business model
[19:18] – Leaving a legacy and theory of constraints
[22:23] – Common constraints faced by contractors
[24:32] – Helping a client to figure out their sales strategy
[25:44] – Strategy to decrease sales costs and optimize productivity
[30:26] – Need for improvement in the trades industry
[34:26] – Adam’s efforts to instill pride and professionalism in employees
[36:34] – How new IRS regulations are affecting contractors
[37:25] – Labor crisis in the construction industry
[38:42] – Broken families and moral values in construction industry
[39:23]- Importance of strong leadership
[42:22] – Figuring out your ideal client
[47:28] – Common marketing mistakes contractors make
[49:26] – How to know you have the right or wrong marketing company
[53:18] – Balancing word-of-mouth referrals and marketing
[57:46] – Can roofing companies be successful without door-knocking
[1:04:02] – Involving children to disarm clients
[1:06:05] – Connect with Adam
[1:07:35] – Wrap-up


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