TCF885: Know. Show. Do. Review.

Do you struggle to train your employees or new hires? Jumping straight to explanations and demonstrations often leaves the employees confused and overwhelmed, and simply assigning tasks without guidance sets them up for frustration. So, how do you train them the right way?

Tim and Derek share a method that works better than just telling your employees what to do. They call it Know. Show. Do. Review. If you know it, you show it, they do it, and you review it, you’ll get such great results. Listen in to learn how to take your employees step-by-step through this method.

In this episode, they discuss:

  • Know. Show. Do. Review training method — What is it, and how it works
    • Letting your team members know what to do 
    • Showing them how to do it
    • Letting the members do the task
    • Reviewing with them after to provide feedback


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