TCF879: Is Your Marketing Strategy Working?

As a business owner, you understand that you must pour time, money, and effort into marketing your business. But are you really getting the results you want from your marketing efforts? Today’s guest is a marketing expert, Spencer Powell from Builder Funnel. The two discuss the mistakes you’re making with your marketing that are stopping you from generating quality leads and reaching more people. In this episode Spencer also shares tips you can use to test if your current marketing plan is truly working or needs an update.

Episode Highlights:

[00:00] – Intro
[01:47] – Spencer’s background
[04:58] – How Tom and Spencer connected
[08:34] – Brand
[12:05] – Advertising
[13:06] – Marketing
[14:10] – Lack of Leads: Why?
[16:15] – Why some marketing investments don’t yield results
[20:11] – How to find ideal clients
[23:31] – Marketing vs referrals
[25:10] – Marketing advice for leveraging neighborhood presence
[28:33] – Website spending considerations
[30:05] – Creating a website without pictures of your work
[32:48] – Spencer’s successful lead conversion campaigns
[35:44] – Cost guide strategy
[42:09] – Nurturing clients who download cost guide
[44:35] – Marketing for long-term lead generation
[48:17] – Bamboo growth analogy for consistent marketing efforts
[50:17] – Importance of strategic planning in marketing
[54:06] – Importance of niching down
[59:37] – Naming your business
[1:06:04] – How AI can impact contractors
[1:09:09] – Quantity vs quality in content creation
[1:12:42] – Tracking business metrics and conversion rates
[1:14:42] – Spencer’s favorite marketing KPI
[1:15:56] – Counting referrals and lifetime value
[1:19:09] – Connect with Spencer
[1:19:53] – Struggle of businesses in marketing
[1:21:55] – Biggest unlock in Tom’s business
[1:24:30] – Book recommendation


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