TCF874: Conquer your Mindset

Tom sits down with mindset coach and The Fight team member Chris Dwyer, a.k.a Yoda, to discuss conquering your mindset and achieving your highest potential. They talk about overcoming self-limiting beliefs through a growth mindset, transforming challenges into fuel for success, conquering your thoughts to accomplish great things, and more. Tune in to learn how to develop a mindset that empowers you to succeed and unlock your true potential.

Episode Highlights:

[00:00] – Intro
[00:45] – Chris’ lesson from a collarbone injury
[03:00] – How Tom and Chris met
[08:30] – Growth vs fixed mindsets
[11:50] – Struggles with controlling thoughts
[14:34] – Importance of curiosity in mindset shifts
[16:36] – Making mindset changes from control paradigm
[24:03] – Processing past experiences to move forward
[31:12] – Overcoming guilt about success
[33:41] – Raising financial thermostat through mindset
[35:59] – Managing stress and short temper
[40:58] – Recognizing self-talk patterns and interrogating limiting beliefs
[44:58] – Climbing emotional scale for positive thoughts
[46:53] – Law of Attraction and affirmations and vibrations
[49:06] – Bringing positive energy and vibrations to business
[54:12] – Forgiving yourself for past experiences
[57:05] – Daily practices for reframing negative self-talk
[58:59] – Embracing being and worthiness
[1:05:34] – Role of worthiness and overcoming self-criticism
[1:10:25] – Mastering your own state for inner peace
[1:13:15] – Slingshot analogy: How struggles can propel us forward
[1:17:37] – Overcoming depression and thriving after struggles
[1:25:41] – The power of optimism without manifestation
[1:33:49] – Best way to connect to Chris
[1:35:02] – Major mindset shift Tom made
[1:38:57] – Limiting factors to Tom’s limitless future
[1:41:10] – Fully embracing joy and self-worth


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