TCF873: Don’t Let the “NO’s” Get You

As a contractor, you’re bound to hit slow periods where work seems limited and the phone isn’t ringing. It’s easy to start doubting yourself and your sales process when all you hear is “No.” Steve has also gone through all this, but he didn’t let those No’s get him down. In this episode, he shares his experience dealing with slow periods and offers advice on how to stay positive and stick to your sales process when the No’s keep coming in.

In this episode, Steve discusses:

  • Steve’s experience of dealing with slow periods in his business
  • How to stay positive when the NO’s keep coming in
  • How doubting the Shin-Fu sales process after a few rejections almost led Steve to abandon it, but sticking with it allowed him consistent bookings year after year
  • Not doubting yourself and your sales process during slow periods
  • Using history as a guide that slow times are temporary if you keep pushing


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