TCF867: UNMUTE Yourself – How to find your voice!

Have you ever wanted to share your ideas but felt too nervous? Many people suffer from anxiety when it comes to public speaking, but staying silent won’t help you. Steve wants you to UNMUTE yourself and find your voice!

Like many of you, Steve used to be terrified of speaking in front of others and felt shy about speaking up, but he soon realized how important communication is for success. He shares his journey from a shy speaker to a confident communicator and how you can unmute yourself and find your voice.

In this episode, Steve talks about:

  • How Steve overcame his fear of speaking in front of others
  • Tips and strategies for improving your communication skills
  • Speaking with passion and excitement to engage others
  • Joining groups like Toastmasters where you can practice speaking in front of others
  • Creating vlogs answering common questions about your work
  • Roleplaying to refine your sales pitches
  • Starting by getting comfortable talking alone, then speaking up in small groups of friends


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