TCF865: From $300k to $2.7 million in 12 months

Today, Tom sits down with Anthony Abbott of Greystone Remodeling. A few years ago, Anthony was just another hardworking contractor, barely making $300k a year. But after joining The Fight, his life changed forever.

Anthony reveals how he went from $300k to over $2.7 million in sales in just 12 months. He shares his strategies for doubling prices, mastering marketing, and implementing systems that allowed him to 10x his profits. Anthony also opens up about a risky $1.8 million deal he turned down and the lessons he learned.

Episode Highlights:

[00:00] – Intro
[02:29] – Anthony’s backstory
[04:42] – Anthony’s business before joining The Fight
[06:14] – Changes Anthony made in himself & business
[07:54] – Starting contracting after leaving the army
[09:21] – Why he didn’t give up despite financial struggles
[15:26] – How Anthony made $million in sales
[17:50] – Hesitation about raising prices
[20:48] – Charging 50% GP
[22:35] – Returning a $1.8M check to a client
[28:23] – Key takeaways from his journey
[33:37] – Firing a subcontractor
[36:24] – Importance of communication
[45:17] – Anthony’s hiring process
[49:38] – Tips for hiring your first employee
[51:51] – Financial impact of hiring employees
[54:08] – How much additional revenue is needed to afford an employee
[57:29] – Anthony’s past mistakes and lessons learned
[1:00:43] – The importance of consistency and perseverance in achieving success.
[1:04:58] – Mental resilience and the daily grind required for business success
[1:09:23] – How to handle price objections
[1:10:59] – How to not let a client go after getting to the price point
[1:13:08] – Working with a spouse in a business
[1:19:12] – How to obtain, retain, manage, and develop relationships with subs and employees
[1:23:43] – How to attract clients who can afford the higher prices
[1:28:55] – Example of how time kills deals
[1:34:56] – Mixing his ministry with coaching
[1:36:51] – Men’s mental health
[1:45:04] – How to connect with Anthony
[1:45:35] – Tom’s big goal for 2024
[1:50:00] – Tom’s favorite person to spend a day with
[1:51:55] – Self-care amidst giving to others


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