TCF850: The Psychology Behind the Shin-Fu

You must have come across many prospects who agree to a job and price on the phone but then back out or make excuses when you go to their house for an in-person estimate. Why do they back out? Are you doing something wrong on the phone? 

This is where Steve’s solution, Shin-Fu, comes in. With Shin-Fu, you’ll never have to return from an in-person estimate without a check. It helps you learn how to secure honest commitments from prospects and prevent time and resource-wasting excuses.

Steve shares the psychology behind the Shin-Fu and why it is the contracting success formula!

In this episode, Steve talks about:

  • The motivations and reasons why Steve created Shin-Fu
  • The psychology behind the Shin-Fu
  • The five essential steps of the Shin-Fu process:
    • #1 Motive – Determining the client’s true motive
    • #2 Money – Discussing pricing upfront to prevent surprises
    • #3 Truth – Establishing the truth by getting commitments to prevent excuses
    • #4 Influencers – Presence of all influencers to address any objections
    • #5 Consultation fee – Having a consultation fee to filter out time wasters


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