TCF836: Building a Culture of Excellence with Guest Matt Warner

Today, Tom’s guest is Matt Warner, founder + CEO of Empire Netting and Fence. Matt talked about the “Building a Culture of Excellence” video on his website — a video of one of Matt’s Monday morning meetings. He shares why he started the Monday morning meetings, how he built the company’s culture through the meeting, and what financial impact it has created.

Episode Highlights:

[00:00] – Intro
[01:42] – Matt’s background
[06:44] – Monday Meeting video on Matt’s Website
[07:58] – Backstory of the Monday morning meetings
[10:16] – Holding the team accountable for poor performance
[12:19] – Earning the right to get angry on your team
[15:08] – Story of the Monday morning meeting video
[19:40] – Loving and caring for the team
[20:56] – Tom’s way of having a tough convo with his team
[23:51] – Advice for contractors facing employee issues
[28:29] – Things Matt looks for in his employees
[30:38] – Matt’s process for evaluating employees for more responsibility
[33:52] – Starting the week with a positive meeting to avoid Monday blues
[35:40] – Three things Matt covers in the Monday meeting
[40:58] – Attracting a waiting list of people due to strong company culture
[42:00] – Meeting in a circle to show equality
[46:23] – Small group huddles to develop relationships
[49:56] – Increased profits due to Monday meetings
[53:37] – Loving up on your people and investing in them
[54:50] – Tom’s transition from CEO to founder of the company
[01:00:36] – MySalesman app


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