TCF831: Paper, Pencils & Price Negotiations

When giving proposals to clients, what do you write your estimates with? Do you use a pen or a pencil? Using a pencil makes it look like you are unsure of your numbers or open to negotiation. But using a pen shows confidence in your numbers and lowers the chance of negotiations.

Tim and Derek want you to have confidence in your numbers and not feel the need to lower estimates during negotiations with clients. They want you to run your business with solid pricing so you don’t undermine your own worth through unnecessary price adjustments.

In this episode, they discuss:

  • Whether to write estimates in pencil or pen and the consequences of each choice
  • Avoid sharpening your pencil or adjusting prices when talking to customers 
  • Sharpening your pencil gives the client a position to negotiate
  • Having your numbers figured out beforehand so you don’t need to negotiate
  • Being clear, organized, and having the right sales training so you aren’t insecure about your numbers


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