TCF822: Responding versus Reacting

How do you handle arguments, whether it’s with your employees or clients? Do you react? Or do you respond? The difference between the two may seem subtle but it could be the difference between success and failure in business and in life. Steve discusses the difference between reacting and responding when faced with difficult situations and how learning to respond instead of react can give you more control and better outcomes.

In this episode, Steve discusses:

  • The difference between reacting and responding 
  • How reacting makes you a slave to the other person, but responding makes them your slave
  • A real-life situation Steve had with a lighting company competitor who yelled at him
  • How Steve was able to calmly respond and de-escalate the situation rather than react
  • The importance of mind and thought control in difficult conversations
  • How emotions can lower your intelligence when reacting 
  • Tips for practicing responding through roleplaying difficult scenarios


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