TCF796: Creating Successful Client Interactions

Creating successful client interactions is a crucial aspect of your contracting business, especially when it comes to building strong client relationships and closing sales! Tim and Derek are here to talk to you about structuring your initial client interaction and share their processes for getting potential clients on the phone to start the sales conversation. 

In this episode, they discuss:

  • Five steps in the Shin-Fu process for getting clients on the phone and how they can be used
  • How to get potential clients to send you their phone number
  • Nurturing vs. haunting, information gathering, and asking for the sale
  • Tips for turning chance interactions into longer-term relationships
  • Shifting from selling to giving information
  • Story of Derek’s impromptu cold call that led to a conversation and potential future work
  • Tim’s approach to soliciting work and building relationships
  • Focusing on building relationships that could turn into future leads or referrals


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