TCF792: The Key to Freedom and Productivity

Are you ready to unlock the key to achieving ultimate freedom and skyrocketing productivity in your business? Join Tim and Derek as they discuss the power of having a calendar and scheduling to manage and optimize your daily activities.

In this episode, Tim and Derek share their first-hand experience and the benefits they’ve gained from using calendars to allocate specific time blocks for various tasks, whether it’s work-related activities, personal time, family commitments, or self-care—while it might seem restrictive at first, having a calendar and time blocking actually provides freedom by allowing you to be more focused and effective during work and ensuring you have time for other essential aspects of life. 

In this episode, they discuss:

  • The power of having a calendar and color-coding your days
  • Time blocking and finding a schedule that works best for your productivity and well-being
  • Setting specific time blocks for focused work, meetings, consultations, site visits, etc
  • The effectiveness of time blocking in managing work tasks and optimizing productivity
  • Sharing calendars with significant others and team members to ensure everyone’s availability and priorities


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