TCF756: Why Now is the Best Time to Build Your Contractor Business with Isaac Barlow

Tom’s guest today is Isaac Barlow. Isaac is the founder of the contractor business software busybusy, which helps contractors get their business systems and processes in order. Isaac talks about why now is the best time to build your contracting business and share strategies for becoming profitable, achieving the freedom you’ve always wanted, and so much more.

Conversation Highlights:

[00:00] – Intro

[01:35] – Isaac’s background

[03:48] – Being successful as a contractor

[05:34] – Handling uncertain times in business

[10:07] – What it means to know your numbers

[15:04] – Mental lessons for dealing with current events

[18:39] – Why now is the best time to build your contractor business

[22:25] – Leadership during challenging times

[27:46] – Strategies for improving your trades business

[30:00] – Profit% that is right under your nose

[34:21] – Strategies for finding hidden revenue and increasing margins

[37:07] – Profit killers of the contracting industry

[39:57] – Busybusy software for contractors

[46:11] – Isaac’s message for contractors


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