TCF755: 3 Ways to Avoid Problem Clients

Have you ever had a client hold your feet to the fire on everything, demand discounts, nitpick your work, and leave bad reviews? Tom knows your pain, and he’s here to help. He shares his insights on why some clients can be a pain in the ass and shows you some practical techniques to navigate demanding clients and avoid getting screwed over.

So, tune in and don’t let the client drama get in the way of your success — learn how to win the race today!

Conversation Highlights:

[00:00] – Intro – ways that your clients make things tough for you

[02:10] – Three ways to avoid client issues

[03:04] – Communicate effectively with your clients

[03:23] – How the common contractor communicates

[06:15] – Stop avoiding tough conversations

[07:50] – Set expectations with your clients

[09:43] – Closing remarks


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