TCF754: Stoic Sales and Leadership with Jordan Adams

Today’s guest, Jordan Adams, is a stoicism practitioner, proponent, and fitness coach. Jordan comes from a family of contractors and has a background in sales and management. During the discussion, Tom and Jordan explore the fundamental principles and values of stoicism and how these can benefit personal and professional growth. Jordan also shares his expertise in sales and leadership, providing valuable insights for contractors.

Conversation Highlights:

[00:00] – Intro

[01:50] – Jordan’s background

[10:06] – What is stoicism

[15:13] – The four main principles of stoicism

[15:23] – The concept of Memento Mori

[18:18] – Why not live life as a hedonist

[21:53] – Stoicism in Action

[29:58] – The dichotomy of control

[32:00] – The role of attitude in sales and leadership

[35:11] – Stoic response to when things don’t go as planned 

[41:39] – Dwelling on past mistakes is unproductive

[43:51] – The concept of Eudaimonia

[47:10] – How stoicism can help someone become a better father

[51:47] – The ultimate goal of a stoic 

[53:56] – The best way to connect to Jordan


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