TCF752: Building a Kick-Ass Team and Dominating on LinkedIn with Jim Kaloutas

Tom’s guest today knows a thing or two about business growth. Jim Kaloutas — the owner of Kaloutas, a commercial painting business, and an all-around cool guy. He has a wealth of experience in leadership development and building killer teams.

In this episode, Jim shares insights on how he has leveraged LinkedIn to drive growth for his company. Beyond attracting new clients, Jim highlights how LinkedIn has helped him hire highly skilled employees, develop a strong team and create a company culture that rocks – all contributing to his multi-million-dollar business success.

Conversation Highlights:

[00:00] – Welcome notes and Jim’s intro

[02:40] – Why Jim’s business took ten years to hit $1M

[04:51] – Pivotal moments that shaped Jim’s business trajectory

[07:56] – Utilizing LinkedIn to grow business

[11:18] – How Jim’s business grew through acquisitions

[12:19] – Jim’s definition of culture

[13:46] – Balancing firmness and high standards with a safe work environment

[17:47] – Jim’s employee recruitment strategies

[25:05] – Jim’s biggest struggle with the career path

[29:08] – Teaching your crew members to think independently

[32:35] – Training your employees without compromising financial stability

[36:24] – Tom’s biggest leadership fail

[40:48] – The current challenges that contractors are facing

[44:09] – Jim’s message to fellow contractors

[45:53] – The best way to contact Jim

[48:31] – How Jim evaluates his performance for job suitability


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