TCF738: Build Your Team with the Right Marketing Message with Jeani Ringkob

How do you market your company to the right people? Tom talks to Jeani Ringkob from StoryBuilt Marketing about how to use marketing to recruit your ideal employee and how to target the right people for your business, so you continue to build your team and grow your business. Jeani is a speaker and marketing coach who comes from a third-generation construction family.

Conversation Highlights:

[00:00] – Intro — How to use marketing to recruit and build your team

[01:46] – Jeani’s backstory

[04:23] – The trades industry is all about relationships

[08:22] – Things that women do better than men in the contracting industry

[13:18] – Every business owner should be prepared for a crisis

[14:06] – Examining the labor shortage issue through history

[16:46] – How the Boomers impacted the labor workforce

[18:15] – Signs of workforce shortage

[23:22] – An example of a marketing headline to use for recruiting 

[27:07] – Marketing tips and strategies for recruiting employees

[30:19] – Designing, implementing, and investigating your marketing strategy

[30:51] – The litmus test for job fairs 

[34:48] – Word-of-mouth marketing

[36:41] – Tactics to identify your ideal hire

[39:45] – Nick Saban’s approach to recruiting

[41:14] – The right time to recruit effectively

[45:36] – About StoryBuilt Marketing

[46:55] – Marketing-related books recommendations


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