TCF735: Secrets of the Shin-Fu Sales Masters

In this episode, Tom talks with The Fight coaches Dan, Tim, and Derek about business development and sales. They cover the nitty-gritty of what makes a salesperson stand out, the most important aspects that a contractor must get right to solidify a good relationship with their client on the sales call, and discuss different ways contractors can be clever about creating a winning sales strategy.

Conversation Highlights:

[00:00] – Introducing Battleground Coaches Dan, Tim, and Derek

[03:50] – Dan, Tim, and Derek’s definition of sales

[07:31] – Times when Tim and Derek looked at sales as slimy

[09:21] – Things that make someone a good salesperson

[12:03] – Dan explains his sales baseline

[14:44] – Being empathetic in the sales process

[19:05] – Letting the people pop into the conversation instead of giving them a solution

[22:33] – Guidance for contractors on reaching their sales goals

[24:18] – Understanding your daily number is the key to running a successful business

[26:23] – An explanation of going rates 

[30:23] – Being ethical in business

[32:28] – People buy and pay according to their reasons

[37:10] – Contractors are the creator of their circumstances

[39:42] – Contractors shouldn’t underestimate their power over sales

[41:30] – Dan tells the story of his experience negotiating in Germany

[47:23] – The biggest things The Contractor Fight coaching promises

[54:25] – How Tom, Dan, Tim, and Derek are improving as salespeople

[01:04:46] – Sales has to be your number one priority.


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