TCF701: MONEY MINDSET – Don’t Make These Money Mistakes with Gina Malvestuto

Tom talks with Gina Malvestuto of Green Tree Bookkeeping, who has been providing bookkeeping services to Tom for over 20 years. The two discussed why contractors should hire someone to do their books rather than doing it themselves, as well as some things to consider before hiring a bookkeeping service.

Conversation Highlights:

[00:01] – Intro

[01:19] – The importance of having a good bookkeeper to do your books

[04:44] – How Gina ended up getting hired by Tom

[07:33] – Reasons why you need to quit doing your books by yourself

[11:25] – Some of the dumbest financial mistakes contractors are making

[12:35] – What does it mean to know your numbers

[14:55] – Knowing that you have a good bookkeeper

[16:50] – Things to keep in mind while hiring a bookkeeper

[18:51] – Advice on hiring a bookkeeper if you don’t know your numbers

[24:05] – Changes Gina has made to herself over the last two decades

[26:23] – Gina’s message for listeners: Know your value

[29:25] – “Math is unemotional. We make it emotional.”- Tom

[31:07] – Two ways to raise your gross profit 

[31:45] – How to contact Gina


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