TCF695: GET EYEBALLS – Win Marketing with Guest Joe Hughes

Tom talks to Joe Hughes of Contractor Dynamics. Contractor Dynamics is a marketing training company dedicated to helping builders and contractors strategically grow their businesses. They discussed the fundamentals of marketing, how to properly go about doing it, what pitfalls contractors fall into, and some of their suggestions for finding the best marketing strategy for you.

Conversation Highlights:

[00:24] – Joe’s intro and backstory

[03:00] – The reason Joe started Contractor Dynamics

[05:17] – Impact of marketing on the buying decision-making process

[08:36] – Tom’s criteria for buying

[11:27] – Some of the biggest mistakes contractors make with their marketing

[14:00] – Be the champion of your marketing

[15:33] – Being intentional about your ideal client

[17:36] – Creating a marketing strategy around your ideal client

[20:33] – Marketing your business properly is a long-term investment

[24:31] – SEO, Social Media Advertising, etc., take time to show results

[28:03] – Bounce rate in marketing

[28:53] – Benefits of building your brand

[35:40] – The pyramid of marketing

[38:27] – Tips on approaching your marketing

[40:15] – Getting everyone on the same page

[42:41] – Five pillars of winning marketing

[47:50] – How to connect to Joe


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