TCF687: YOUR MONEY MINDSET – Rise & Reign with Empire

In this episode, Tom had a conversation with Sunny Pinhero & Suhaiba Neill, coaches of the Empire program of The Contractor Fight. The three discussed how the Empire program will work, what type of people are a fit for it, and how the program can help grow your business.

Conversation Highlights:

[00:31] – Welcome notes 

[04:48] – Sunny and Suhaiba’s experiences as members of The Fight

[06:21] – What is the empire program all about

[08:57] – Tom’s way of scaling a business

[09:30] – Suhaiba introduces herself and her business

[13:26] – Sunny’s background and work

[16:01] – Inspiration behind the Empire

[17:17] – Some misconceptions contractors have about growing their businesses

[22:08] – Explaining aggressively scaling the business in a controlled manner

[25:12] – Meaning of working on the business

[27:18] – Discussions about financial matters in the Empire

[33:02] – Developing a growth plan using math

[35:03] – Advice on taking the GP

[38:45] – Who is a good fit for the empire program and who isn’t

[41:20] – Two examples of commitment in a potential Empire member

[46:43] – What makes The Empire program unique


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