TCF685: SELL UNAFRAID- You’ve Arrived!

In this episode, Tom and Steve Shinholser talk about their business journey, what they’ve learned from being in the business space for so many years, business partnerships, sales, and improving your emotional health.

[00:00] – Intro

[02:08] – Steve is leaving the Battleground Group

[04:52] – Who is a good fit for The Fight

[06:36] – Advice for making business easier and more profitable

[09:18] – The millionaire mindset

[09:36] – The sixties are the best decade of your life

[18:46] – Steve’s best takeaway from 8 years in business: Sales is a mental and psychological game

[21:21] – Tom’s vision for his family and The Fight

[26:31] – “Your mess is your message.” – Tom 

[30:15] – The magic of helping others 

[34:24] – Heat up when you’re near the finish line

[38:31] – Things that make a good partnership fall apart

[41:45] – Deciding whether or not you need a partner

[42:23] – Steve’s worst partnership experience and what he learned

[44:52] – “Marriage and partnership is the same way.” – Steve

[47:39] – Partnership tips and advice

[51:44] – Finish the right way


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