TCF683: Contractor Q&A: “When Should You Invest in Paid Coaching?”

The guys answer your questions about investing in paid coaching, restarting your business after losing money, and giving clients a rough estimate of the project during the prequalification phase.

In this episode, we talk about… 

  • Question 1: When is the right time to invest in paid coaching?
    • Getting paid coaching doesn’t have to wait until you’re struggling in your business
    • In order for coaching to work, it must be put into practice.
    • Coaching is more about your intent to implement things.
  • Question 2: Having failed two projects worth more than $40k as a business owner, I’m losing motivation. Could you give me advice on getting back out there?
    • Take the time to analyze the mistakes, adapt, and then move
    • Your success depends on what you have learned and what you will do with this new knowledge.
    • Anyone who has been successful in anything has learned some hard lessons and fought through adversity to get there.
  • Question 3: I own a window door company, but I have trouble giving rough estimates to clients. Can you provide me with any recommendations?
    • Join Colosseum Sales Training to improve your sales skills
    • You can expect to pay between $100k to $125k for a high-quality window or $35k to $40k for a basic window.
    • Listen to the clients, deliver what they want, and you’ll stand out


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