TCF682: Best Growth Strategies for Contractor Businesses with John Salzarulo

Tom’s guest is John Salzarulo—the founder of Hoist—who left the coding world to run his family service business, which he grew to double its value within two years. After John sold his family business, he realized how much potential there was in the home services market, so he founded Hoist, a software company to help people to build successful painting businesses.

In this episode, we talk about… 

  • What led John to start Hoist
  • A brief overview of Hoist and the best candidate who is suitable for Hoist
  • Strategies for contractors to grow their business
  • Why contractors need to know their constraints
  • The capacity issue with finding and hiring talent
  • Mistakes that held his family business back—pricing, the improper delegation of work, etc.
  • Lessons John learned running and selling his multi-generational business


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