TCF674: Contractor Q&A: “How Contractors Can Maintain Their Mental Health?”

Taking questions from Mira and Dan Wilson, Tom and Dan discuss feeling uneasy while charging high prices as a newbie with limited experience and what contractors can do to maintain and care for their mental health.

In this episode, we talk about… 

  • Question 1: As a newcomer to the contracting industry with limited experience, I feel apprehensive about charging “high prices.” What advice can you give me? 
    • High or low price is subjective to the consumer.
    • Charge whatever the formulas tell you, no matter how high or low you think it is.
    • As a newbie, you’re more hungrier than others, so you need to take advantage of that.
    • Understanding why the client wants to do the project is what makes you valuable.
  • Question 2: I believe contractors are overlooking mental health. What do you recommend for clearing your head and resetting your brain?
    • Playing golf, reading philosophy, and meditating can be great mental health support methods.
    • Be clear on the controlling and controllable things in your day and life.


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