TCF661: Avoid These Mistakes If You Want to Succeed

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Tom shares with you some ways contractors continue to make mistakes that lead to the failure of their business. These are the kinds of mistakes that can make it hard for you to find work in the future and kill your business. 

You should avoid these mistakes at all costs! It’s so easy to make mistakes like these, but it’s so vital that you don’t!

In this episode, Tom discusses… 

  • Some of the top ways contractors continue to beat themselves: 
  1. There’s no clarity around your vision, potential clients, etc
  2. You don’t have a plan for your sales process
  3. Not having a plan for your marketing
  4. There’s no plan for how to complete a project profitably
  5. You’re not tracking your stuff
  6. There is no training for your employees
  7. There is no recruiting strategy in place
  8. You’re taking on jobs that aren’t right for you
  9. You break the commitments you make to yourself
  10. You don’t put yourself in environments where there are other winners


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