TCF656: Hunger to Succeed with Jason Youngberg

Tom talks to Jason Youngberg of Youngberg Builders. Jason is a general contractor in Minnesota who went from negative 40 grand to make 50 grand in revenue in a year. This year, he expects to make about a million dollars. He shares the key things that helped him grow his business and the life lessons he learned along the way, which are invaluable for anyone who wants to succeed. 

In this episode, we talk about… 

  • The obstacles and challenges Jason has faced and how he overcame them to grow his business.
  • Jason’s advice for someone who thinks they can’t build a successful business in a small market
  • Mistakes Jason made as a general contractor
  • How Jason’s limiting beliefs affected his business and personal life
  • How Jason went from negative 40 grand to make 50 grand in revenue in a year
  • Business and personal relationships impact each other


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