Dan and Tom answer questions about getting connected with clients and what to do after obtaining their motivation for the project, as well as how to get rough estimates from clients and manage your time efficiently to get more sales leads.

In this episode, we talk about… 

  • Question 1: What do I do after I get the motive? My customer’s motive is that he’s building a Lakehouse to leave for his children after he passes. What do I say after I get this info? How do I connect?
    • If you’re getting that information, it sounds like you’re connecting
    • Go deeper into the motive (vertically) than you think you need to
    • Repeat back what you heard to show that you’re paying attention.


  • Question 2: After my grandpa stepped down from our home building company, we’re struggling to keep it going. I need advice on giving clients rough estimates and getting more work.
    • During your communication with your client, discuss the purpose of the project
    • Inquire politely about the client’s budget and make a rough estimate based on it


  • Question 3: I’m a brand new sales rep for a big building company. I’ve only ever built the buildings before. Where do I start networking, and how do I manage my time most efficiently to get leads in sales?
    • List your influencers, such as architects, designers, realtors, and home inspectors, and build relationships with them.
    • Make some personal videos introducing yourself to your company’s old customers or leads
    • Make use of social media


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