TCF634: Why You Need to Charge More with Steve Burnett

Tom spoke with Steve Burnett of Paintly, a Detroit-based painting contractor. During their conversation, they discussed everything from profit to experience to how The Contractor Fight community helped him overcome his limiting beliefs and also what strange things they found during their work.

In this episode, we talk about… 

  • Contractors should not be afraid to admit they don’t know everything 
  • Recognizing that maybe there is a better way to do things instead of defending your misery or position.
  • Having confidence in what you’re charging
  • Tips for knowing your numbers 
  • How did he overcome his limiting belief that he does not measure up to others
  • Using experience as a key to scaling your business
  • Reasons why contractors need to charge more
  • The craziest things he has seen on the job site
  • Checking the background of anyone you hire


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