TCF607: Workstyle of Young Contractors with Troy Galletly

Today’s guest on the show is 28 years old Troy Galletly, the owner of Excavation Contractors, who established his business two years back during COVID-19. He discussed with Tom his thoughts on recruiting younger people and the poor reputation young people have among the older generation regarding easy success, no effort to work, untrustworthiness, etc.

In this episode, we talk about… 

  • The benefits Troy gained from studying construction management in college
  • About the reputation of young people that they just want the easy route and are unwilling to work
  • Advise someone who thinks young people don’t want to work and are untrustworthy
  • Giving your team members the freedom to make mistakes and learn 
  • Tips for someone who isn’t having any success with their ads 
  • How his perception of business coaching changed after joining The Fight
  • A few things he is looking forward to at the Denver Event
  • Advice to contractors about recession


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